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School CAP-BMA

Annual price list

1st year : techniques

Luneville embroidery Introduction

Introduction to the hook, Small stitch, rich stitch, fired stitch, Venice gaps and English embroidery, poses with pearls and sequins, river, vermicelli, taken stitch, poses shell, donkey, Venice gaps, motives raised.

Embroidery needle

18 basis stitchs. Chenille embroidery ribbon and raffia. Fabric applications.

Gold embroidery

Reciprocating blade, past flat fibril and purl, couchure, Plumetis of purl and fibril, cutting cardboard shapes, shaded gold, raised pattern.

Bobbin lace

Crossing 4-16 wires. Rag background, Dieppe background, Barcelona background, wedding background, barley grain, spirit stitch and pointon.


Reef knot, rotating node, half knot background, background node, chopsticks straight and oblique.


Cover embroidered with a simple wooden mold, tassels and fringes pattern on cardboard.


Garter stitch, jersey stitch, moss stitch, simple rib and english rib, lace stitch and ball.


Realization of samples and works.

End of the year

Possibility of taking the CAP of embroidery (Embroidery Vocational Training Qualification), option hand.

2nd year : the materials

Tissues, laces

Cut down satin, wasted velvet, Ageing and transformation.


Poker-work, Resin, hardener and layouts, dye and impression, relief by chiffonnage, cut and singeing.


Tampons, sponge and linocut, stencils, plastic, textile.

Threads, raffia, chenille, ribbon and braid.

Transformation. Dye and impression. Hardener.


Creation of motives. Use of pearls and glitters, inlay of materials, staining.


Realization of samples and works.

These may be part of the study project for the BMA (Certificate of Art Professions).

End of the year

Possibility of taking the BMA of embroidery (Embroidery Certificate of Art Professions), option hand.